2017-2018 Scholarship Recipients

2017-2018 BSW Scholarship Recipient

Ajahnique Dandy

Ajahnique Dandy is a senior undergraduate transfer student at Delaware State University, who graduated from Delaware Tech’s Terry Campus in Dover in May of 2016 with an associate’s degree in Human Services, and currently studies under Del States Social Work program. She hopes to receive her bachelor’s degree in May of 2018 and brings to the table with her a wide range of experience. She has served in leadership as the Student Government President and chapter secretary for the honor society at her last college, as a child advocate in Kent County’s family court, she’s been direct support as an intern to her department chair at Delaware Tech, a case management intern at People’s Place Whattcoat shelter, she’s ran cross country for women, been an active participant in the Human Services club and has even gone on to work for her current campus’ book store at Delaware State. Also, she’s currently employed at the Dover YMCA as child care staff, she actively participates in the Methodist Student Association of DSU, interns with the state of Delaware’s Division of Family Services and continues to volunteer out in the community in various ways. Some of her efforts include volunteering at Calvary churches’ Thanksgiving and Christmas drives, and with Code Purple at Centennial Methodist. Then after obtaining her bachelors of Social Work degree, she hopes to go on to pursue her Masters in the Administration of Human Services online which will allow for her to apply herself to reaching one of her ultimate goes of over-seeing multiple organizations. However, she wouldn’t mind getting hired with the Division first right after graduation, as a stepping stone because no matter where she works she will be the first one out of 5 generations of women in her family to finish college completely and land a solid career.

In her spare time though Dandy enjoys reading, drinking tea, shopping and journaling and couldn’t be more grateful for this blessing of the NASW scholarship that came at the perfect time when she needed the motivation the most, to get her to the end of what feels so far away! Thank you.


2017-2018 MSW Scholarship Recipient

Jennifer Dahlstrom

In 2010 I spread my wings and moved to America after being born and raised in Sweden. As aiding others is my passion and what makes me whole, pursuing a degree in social work always came naturally to me. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Kutztown University in 2016 with an undergraduate degree in social work and a minor in psychology. During my time at Kutztown I was active in the Heart Program that advocates for gender equality and human rights, I was also a Kutztown Diversity Council representative which serves as part of the student government board along with serving as the Vice President of the International Student Organization – a group with over 100 international students from over 30 different countries. I have a deep passion for cultural diversity and social/economic justice practice; this is also why I chose Delaware State University’s Advanced Standing Master’s Program to further my education. I am currently enrolled in the full-time social work program while doing my internship at St: Francis Hospital and facilitating drug and alcohol therapy groups at the NorthEast Treatment Centers in Philadelphia. With a master in social work and my experience with diverse populations, I am hoping to pursue a career in global social work advocating and working against social injustices, violations of civil liberties, human rights violations, crisis intervention and problems from poverty. I would like to focus specifically on community organization, conduct research, and help grassroot organizations around the world. I am truly honored to be one of the recipients of the NASW DE Scholarship, the generosity has inspired me to continue to help others and give back to the community.