NASW-DE 2017 Annual Conference

Wednesday, March 22, 2016
Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

There are a limited number of student applications being accepted. Applications will be approved on a first come, first serve basis with the required payment. Send application to NASW DE Chapter, 100 W. 10th Street, Suite 608, Wilmington DE 19801 or email [email protected] 

Meet the 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Jennifer Meehan and Tommie Moore were unanimously selected as the 2016 MSW and BSW Scholarship RecipientsClick here to read more about the BSW and MSW Scholarship Recipients.


Meet the Student Representatives!


BSW Student Representative: Shanice Reid

My name is Shanice Reid and I am very interested in the NASW BSW student rep position. I am currently a 21 year old junior with a major in Social Work and Women Gender Studies. I’m interested in this position because it will allow me to become more aware of what is actually required of me as a social worker. It would not only allow me to become a better me for my future, but it will also allow me to bring what I have learned and share it with my peers. Currently I serve as Miss Social Work. Becoming a Social Work major has been the best decision I have made thus far in my life. I am devoted to giving back and devoting my time to helping others and to get help and learn on a bigger scale will only enhance what I know I can offer.

To contact the BSW Student Representative: [email protected]



MSW Student Representative: Ariana Oregel

Ms. Ariana Oregel earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara a year before her graduating class. During her undergraduate career, Ms. Oregel dedicated four years volunteering at the Salvation Army coordinating low income aid programs, organizing community outreach, specifically for the Hispanic population, and providing child development activities. Participating in a low socioeconomic community gave her first-hand experience of the injustices of marginalization which motivated her to become a social worker. A year later, Ms. Oregel pursued her Master’s in Social Work and is currently a first year graduate student at Delaware State University.  Ms. Oregel currently works as an intern at the New Behavioral Network where she provides outpatient mental health and counseling services to youth. Additionally, she creates and implements therapeutic interventions according to the client’s treatment goals. She is also involved in the Creative Mentoring program in Delaware and mentors at the Delaware Adolescent Program Inc.  Ms. Oregel is a highly motivated and compassionate individual who hopes to employ her education and experience to become a change agent for communities challenged by the various social systems.

To contact the MSW Student Representative: [email protected]