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A Message from NASW-DE President

Happy New Year to the NASW-Delaware Membership and its friends and supporters. 

     I hope it was a safe and love filled holiday season.  We have now entered 2017 and are preparing for a lot of unknowns: changes in Federal, State, and Local Government leadership; changes in licensure; changes in the NASW-National Structure; and the list goes on.  In the midst of change, the Nation and the State have historically looked to social workers, the change agents, to lead the way for the safety of the public.  We shall not disappoint. 

     As we say, "Thank you and Goodbye," to President Barack Obama as he leaves the Highest Office in the Nation, we say, "Welcome," to our new elected leader, President-Elect Donald Trump.   There has been much controversy over the election campaign and even more contention over the election results for many.  Like so many, I was overwhelmed with the bombardment of campaign adds, news reports and tweets.  While I wanted to turn the social media, television, and radio off, I was intrigued and frightened by what was being unveiled-a campaign which left this country appearing bipolar.  What more, it left the social workers, as change agents, out of the picture-or at least in a second class status.  I imagine if any of the NASW-DE leadership or membership would have been invited to the table about issues which address the human condition, we might be having different conversations.  It might not be about a change in leadership, but a change in what affects human development across a lifespan, across history, and into the future.  Many citizens, communities, systems, and larger organizations-including businesses, non-for profits, and governments around the world- are concerned about the change in federal leadership at the Executive and Legislative Level.  Not to mention, the potential impact on the Judiciary Level.  For many, the worry is that the trickle down effect may leave this country and the world looking very different: Affordable Care Act; continued Militarization of Law Enforcement; decreased services of or access to government assistance for the needy; increased mass incarceration and criminalization philosophies which continue the epidemic of the "New Jim Crow" for racial and ethnic Minorities.  

     So what can we do.  We role up our sleeves and get to work.  It is the involvement of social workers which changes the course of a Nation.  The NASW-DE is in need of quality social workers to take on leadership roles, such as committee chairs, volunteers, and workshop leaders.  It is through membership participation, that the social workers are able to  mobilize and organize.  We have a lot of work today.  I look forward to see all of the membership at the 2017 Conference.  However, I also look forward to seeing the membership at the NASW-DE Coffee Shop Talks, clinical workshops, and mixers.  We need "ALL HANDS ON DECK" in 2017. 

Grace and Peace,

Norwood J Coleman, Jr., LCSW, ACSW
National Association of Social Workers Delaware Chapter
Board President

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Message from the NASW-DE Executive Director

Resolve to Attend the NASW-DE 2017 Annual Conference!

Last week you received a reminder to register for our 2017 annual conference. Because of the conference’s importance to meeting the chapter’s objectives for this year, I want to say a little bit more about this important event. 

The conference's central theme is youth violence.  The Chapter Leadership believes strongly that the overall program, workshop topics and workshop presenters, are relevant to social work practice.  In addition, the conference  provides members with opportunities to discuss issues that are challenging both our unique expertise, and problems that appear to be intractable despite the most competent application of best practice by skillful social workers.

Keeping with the chapter’s perspective that preventing youth violence must include talking to and with young people, our keynote speakers will engage school age children and teens who have been invited to attend the conference. Hearing their perspectives and recommendations for preventing and reducing gun violence is most valuable to practitioners working on their behalf.  After their presentations, the boys and girls will be divided into separate groups to give Mr. Green and Ms. Mays the opportunity to converse with them about reaching personal goals even when one's circumstances are not the best.

While youth are conversing in their session, all of you, our professionals, will talk with Mary Jo Monahan, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Social Work Boards, Dr. Jo Ann Regan, PhD, MSW, Vice President for Education, Council on Social Work Education, Dr. Angelo McClain, Chief Executive Officer, National Association of Social Workers, Dr. Jean Bennett, Region III Administrator, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services,  Fran Franklin, PhD, LCSW, Director, BSW Program, Delaware State University and David Mangler, MS, BSN, Director, Delaware Board of Professional Regulation about how the organizations they represent work together to insure a competent social work and behavioral health workforce within in the context of social work education, licensure, practice and workforce development.

A great lunch and roaming among vendors and exhibitors will be followed by workshops that will give you the opportunity to learn the latest concepts and best practices.

Hopefully this abbreviated description of the conference will wet your appetite for a professionally useful and enjoyable day and will prompt you to register for our 2017 annual conference!

In conclusion, please know that the decision to make the investments necessary to host this year's conference reflect both the value of social work, the chapter leadership's commitment to providing members with quality professional development opportunities that can be used to effectively address the needs of individuals, families, communities, groups and organizations.

Social Workers STAND UP!  

Debra A. O'Neal, MSW, ACSW
Interim Executive Director


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Delaware News & Events...

 Career Opportunity

Executive Director, National Association of Social Workers, Delaware Chapter – For details, GO TO WWW.NASWDE.ORG/CLASSIFIEDS

Multi-Tier LicensureOn June 20, 2016, the Delaware Board of Clinical Social Work Examiners (Board) approved proposed enabling regulations that will add licensure requirements for the BSW and MSW categories of social work practice. We are now waiting to learn when the Joint Sunset Committee (JSC) will review the Board and the proposed regulations. We expect that this will happen in January or February. A substantial presence of social workers at this meeting is desired.  We will post the JSC ‘s meeting date on the chapter’s website as soon as the date is announced. Please put the date on your calendar. Make every effort to attend to get information about the next steps for obtaining passage of the regulations and asking any questions you have.

Telehealth Regulations: Final regulations governing the practice of clinical social work via telehealth. The final regulations are attached. See subsection 10.0 for the telehealth regulations. Also, read summary at the beginning of the attached document for the process that was followed achieve revisions to original regulations.   NASW-DE acknowledges the strong advocacy provided by agencies for revisions to proposed regulations that severely restricted the use of telehealth by social workers.  In addition to NASW-DE, these agencies included Delaware Guidance for Services to Children & Youth, Inc., Christiana Health Care System, Cancer Care Connections, Nemours/A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children, Delaware Psychological Association and the Mental Health Association in Delaware.


NASW-DE Board Meeting –  A board meeting was held on January 12th.  The next board meeting will be held on Thursday, February 9th at 6:00 PM. The meeting will be held at the Delaware State University, Price Building, Room 215. The meeting will end at 8:00 PM. Please attend.

Delaware Board of Clinical Social Work Examiners – Next meeting: Monday, January 23, 2017 at 9:00 A.M.in the Cannon Building, located at 861 Silver Lake Boulevard, Dover, DE 19901.  Process for presenting proposed regulations for adding multi-tier licensure to current social work law will be discussed.  You are encouraged to go the Board’s website because it has been redesigned.  Learning how to navigate it will take a little time.   

See our online calendar for the latest events and meetings.

Message to Membership: We're Counting on You

Following the election of Donald Trump as president, the United States is faced with major shifts in public policy and possibly civil rights protections, as noted by NASW President Darrell Wheeler and NASW CEO Angelo McClain in their January 9, 2017, message to members. As the NASW Code of Ethics requires social workers to advocate for the well-being of all people, especially the most vulnerable, we are counting on NASW members and our colleagues to help us stand up for our collective goal to help our nation achieve greater social, economic, and environmental justice. READ MORE 



Morning Session

Keynote Speakers:

  • Darrell Green, NFL Hall of Famer, Washington Redskins
  • Cassidy Mays, Beautician for the Stars & Dynamic Motivational Speaker
  • “A Dialogue with Young People” –Mr. Green and Ms. Mays will talk with young people about reaching their goals, overcoming hardship & disappointments and making choices that do not involve aggressive behavior.
  • Three Pillars of Social Work – “Building a Behavioral Health Workforce, Implications for Delaware”
  • Dr. Angelo McClain, CEO, National Association of Social Workers (Invited)
  • Dr. Jo Ann Regan, Vice President for Education, Council on Social Work Education
  • Mary Jo Monahan, LCSW, CEO, Association of Social Work Boards
  • Norwood Coleman, President, National Association of Social Workers, Delaware Chapter
  • David Mangler, Director, Division of Professional Regulation, State of Delaware
  • Dr. Fran Franklin, LCSW, Director, BSW Program, Delaware State University


Afternoon Workshops:

  • Responding to Youth Violence in Delaware – Department of Health & Social Services: CDC Community Advisory Council – Panelists will present the CDC Community Advisory Council’s recommendations for reducing youth violence in the City of Wilmington
  • “Human Trafficking Is A Problem in Delaware”, Yolanda Schlabach, RN, MHS, Zoë Ministries
  • “Connecting the Dots: An Overview of the Links Among Multiple Forms of Violence”, Noel Duckworth, Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: Impacts on Black Families & Communities; Implications for Social Work Practice, Kristin Miller, LCSW & Michael Ajabe, LCSW

Features: Student Poster Presentations, Exhibitors, Vendors

Social Work Month 2017


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Chapter Committees

From the Sussex County Representative

Meet and Greet for Social Workers

January 31, 12:00 – 1:00 at La Red Health Center Large Conference Room

Come to meet members and discuss issues pressing to the profession before the workshop described below. Please click this link to register for this free event: January Meet and Greet. Registration is required due to space limitation.

Continuing Education Committee

The Continuing Education Committee has been working, planning and scheduling a host of continuing education workshops and events.  The workshops address serious and complex problems that social workers face every day.  Some of these included developing resilience in children, trauma-informed practice on the individual, organization and community level.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The chapter began scheduling a number of workshops regarding serious and complex problems that social workers face every day.  Some of these included developing resilience in children, trauma-informed practice on the individual, organization and community level. It has been necessary to cancel all of the November sessions due to insufficient enrollment. The Continuing Education Committee is baffled. We need your input to determine how to proceed. Please take five minutes to complete our short questionnaire to help us gain insight and to plan meaning educational events for you, our members.

Thank you.
Marlene Saunder, CE Committee Chair

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for developing plans to retain current members and recruit new ones.The committee also promotes and provides positive public exposure for the social work profession.  Therefore, the Committee works with other entities to develop cordial relationships.  It also encourages Social Workers to connect with their professional organization to advance their career with the adequate protection that gives full support to the social work profession. NASW Membership helps to advance the career of social workers in many ways.  For example, each member receives a two-for-one membership; they are members of their State Chapter and National organization at no additional cost.  Additional incentives include access to continuing education workshops (some online workshops are even free) and job postings, news updates through our Chapter’s newsletter, and opportunities to network with colleagues at social events.

Nadia Caprice, BSW
Chairperson, Membership Committee

Click here to view our Join Us video

Click here to view the various types of membership opportunities.

Scholarship Committee

Please consider making a scholarship donation via our website page NASW DE Scholarship .  All contributions are tax deductible and will help a deserving student. 

Brittany Dennis, MSW 
Chairperson, Scholarship Committee


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Professional Development Opportunities

Upcoming Workshops/Conferences

 NASW Delaware Chapter online calendar  of events and meetings

NASW-DE Sponsored Continuing Education Workshops: Please see Calendar of Events for extremely relevant upcoming continuing workshops sponsored by NASW-DE:

  • January 31st  – Meet and Greet; LaRed Health Care Center, Georgetown, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm. Come to meet members and discuss issues pressing to the profession before the workshop described below. Please go to naswde.org to register.
  • January 31st – Transforming Our Practice: A Multi-Level Approach to Trauma-Informed Services – Community; La Red Health Care Center, Georgetown; 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm; Instructor: Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
  • February 1st -Transforming Our Practice: A Multi-Level Approach to Trauma-Informed Services - Individual Level; Community Services Building, Wilmington; 1:00 pm-4:00 pm; Instructor: Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
  • February 17th - Ethics is Supervision for Social Workers & Human Service Professionals; Delaware Technical & Community College, Georgetown Campus, Carter Partnership Center, Room 536.
  • February 24th - Ethics is Supervision for Social Workers & Human Service Professionals; Community Service Building, Room 9. Instructor: Dr. Chavon Dottin.
  • MARCH 22nd– 2017 NASW-DE ANNUAL CONFERENCE; DOVER DOWNS HOTEL & CASINO, DOVER, DE.  Click here for details and registration
  •  March 29th, Transforming Our Practice: A Multi-Level Approach to Trauma-Informed Services - Community Level; Community Services Building, Wilmington; 1:00 pm-4:00 pm; Instructor: Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
  • April 3rdResilience Training: Community Service Building; Instructor: Dr. Anthony Hill, LCSW
  • April 24thResilience Training: Community Service Building; Instructor: Dr. Anthony Hill, LCSW
  • April 21st, Emotional Intelligence in the Lives of Social Workers:  Professional and Personal Applications; Lighthouse Therapy Center, Dagsboro; 9:00 am-1:00 pm. Instructor: Deborah Alioto Miller, PhD, LCSW.

NASW Virtual Career Fair – February 9th, 12:00 pm-4:00 pm EST – A must for student members. Go to naswdc.org, then click Professional Development, then NASW Career Center link to register

Women’s March, Saturday, January 21st; 10:00 am EST, Independence Avenue & 3rd Street, SW, Washington, DC. Go to www.womensmarch.com  or click here to view the flier for details.

Give Kids A Smile (DKAS)Saturday, February 11th, 8:00 am to 2:30 PM EST; Norman S. Steward, Jr., DDS; 214 S. Walnut Street, Milford, DE.  DKAS provides free oral screening and comprehensive treatment to children across the USA.  Click to see attachment for more information about GKAS and the February event.

Apply for Scholarships and Fellowships in These Social Work Specialties

The NASW Foundation offers scholarships and fellowships to assist students pursuing a variety of social work specialties. Apply for fellowships in health care and scholarships involving work with African American communities and with American Indian and Latino populations. Applications will be accepted January 18-March 1, 2017. Questions? Email naswfoundation@naswdc.org or call 202.336.8298. READ MORE 

Application Deadline Extended: 2017 Supervisory Leaders in Aging

Supported by the John A. Hartford Foundation, Supervisory Leaders in Aging (SLA) is an innovative professional development program, designed to improve the delivery of health care and social services to older adults by strengthening the supervision of staff providing direct social services to older adults and their families. SLA participants will earn 30 NASW-approved CE credits upon completion of the program. The application deadline for the spring 2017 SLA trainings in Florida, Illinois, and Maryland has been extended to February 24 (unless available slots are filled in advance). Eligible social workers are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. READ MORE 

 FREE TO NASW MEMBERS - Click here to go to naswdc.org Practice and Professional Development 

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